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We welcome any additions to this FAQ, please add as needed.

Why does this Wiki exist?[edit]

The purpose of this Wiki is to create a one stop shop for all user created apps and drivers for use with the Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub.

Who created this Wiki?[edit]

User:BPTWorld created this wiki after seeing multiple posts on the Hubitat forums about the need for a simple place to look for user created apps and drivers.

What can I do to help?[edit]

Simple... Spread the Word! The biggest thing we need is to simply get the word out. Let your favorite developer know you would love to see their work listed on this Wiki.

Are there any costs involved with this Wiki?[edit]

NO! This site is free for both users and developers. The only cost associated with this Wiki was the cost of the web domain. I (bptworld) purchased that with a generous donation received from a user of one of my apps. The hosting for this Wiki is also free.

Aren't the apps and drivers listed here also found on the official forums?[edit]

Yes, they are! We don't want to, in any way, replace the official forums as a place to launch apps and drivers. The forums are an awesome place to discuss and evolve apps and drivers with the community. The purpose of this Wiki is to make it easier to explore and find apps and drivers that you may have missed on the official forums. Things move quickly over there and [RELEASE] posts can get buried fast!

I'm a Developer, how do I get started?[edit]

Simple. Type the EXACT name of your app or driver in the 'Search' box and hit enter. It should come back with a Search page with the line on it, "Create the page "xxxx" on this wiki!" Click it and create your page! Create a new page for each of your apps or drivers. This is your page and you are free to put whatever information you like on it. Feel free to take a look at existing pages to get ideas and to see how they did it! All we ask is that on the bottom of your page, add in one of these lines [[Category:User Created Apps]] or [[Category:User Created Drivers]]. As an added BONUS each developer is encouraged to create a personal user page within the Wiki. Again, use the search box but this time put in your Hubitat Username. Then click the link to create the page. At the bottom on that page please include [[Category:Developers]]. Enjoy!

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